Wet Cyclone Scrubber

Wet Cyclone separator are special equipment capable of working in both dry as well as wet mode of operation. When the dust loading is moderate the equipment can provide effective removal without scrubbing medium. The centrifugal force increases the turbulent interactions between the dust particles and scrubbing medium and thus enhance the removal efficiencies. Water is used as the scrubbing medium and different nozzle arrangements are used for high efficiencies.


  • Features:
    • High efficiencies as compared to spray tower
    • Moderate pressure drop
    • Simultaneous gas and particulate removal
    • Effective gas-liquid separation
    • Does not require a demister
    • Quenching of hot air/gases


  • Application:
    • Boiler flue gas
    • Dust removal applications
    • Material recovery applications (ceramics, chemical, mining, crushing, grinding etc.)
    • Gaseous pollutants removal application
    • Quenching of hot air/gases