Venturi Scrubber (Normal and Ejector)

Venturi scrubbers are high energy scrubbers which have very high efficiencies for removal of particulates from air/ gas stream. The velocity of air increases at the throat of the venturi and this high velocity enhances the atomization of scrubbing medium at the throat. The high velocity also promotes the turbulent interactions and provides very high particulate removal efficiencies.  They have very high pressure drops. Gas liquid separation can be achieved by use of a demister or a liquid-air separation tank. Water is generally used as the scrubbing medium.


  • Features:
    • High Collection Efficiency
    • Low Capital Cost and Compact Unit
    • Low Maintenance



  • Application:
    • Boiler flue gas
    • Dust removal applications
    • Fumes Scrubbing application
    • Material recovery applications (ceramics, chemical, mining, crushing, grinding etc.)
    • Gaseous pollutants removal application
    • Quenching of hot air/gases