Spray Tower

When the air/gas consists of dust particles which may be flammable or create explosion, the control of such dust particles are carried out by availing spray towers. Water is generally used as the scrubbing medium. Equipment consists of multiple spray nozzles which atomize scrubbing medium into fine droplets. Dust particles penetrate into these droplets and are removed from the air/gas streams. Compact unit as compared to other dust collectors. Specific media can help removal of gaseous pollutants along with particulate removal.


  • Features:
    • Low pressure drop
    • Moderate efficiency for fine particles
    • Simultaneous gas and solid removal
    • Quenching of high temperature gases


  • Application:
    • Boiler flue gas
    • Dust removal applications
    • Material recovery applications (ceramics, chemical, mining, crushing, grinding etc.)
    • Gaseous pollutants removal application
    • Quenching of hot air/gases