Plate Tower

Plate tower are device used for absorption of gases into suitable solvent/medium. This device does not require increased flow rate of solvent to avoid the clogging of packed media. Thus the quantity of solvent required is less as compared to packed towers. They are able to achieve high efficiencies for acid and gas absorption. The equipment consists of perforated plates through which the gas or fume laden air enters passes and solvent overflows the plates through weirs or orifices which promote the contact and enhances the mass transfer.


  • Features:
    • Low solvent usage
    • Moderate pressure drop
    • High absorption efficiency
    • Low maintenance
    • Can achieve particulate control
    • Recovery of acids


  • Applications:
    • Pickling plants
    • Ammonia scrubbing
    • Chlorine gas scrubbing
    • HCI gas scrubbing
    • Nitric Acid scrubbing
    • Sulfur dioxide scrubbing
    • NOx Scrubbing system