Packed Tower

Packed Tower are scrubbers comprising of solid packing media which increases the surface area enhancing the mass transfer efficiency. The design of the equipment depends on the application and type of gases to be absorbed. This equipment can be effectively availed for the absorption and removal of gases and gaseous pollutants. Specific scrubbing media in liquid phase are used to achieve absorption. Presence of particulate matter can reduce the surface area for mass transfer and decrease the efficiency.


  • Features:
    • High mass transfer efficiency
    • Effective collection efficiency
    • Reuse of the absorbed gases and fumes
    • Moderate pressure drop
    • Low maintenance


  • Application:
    • Ammonia) scrubbing and stripping
    • Chlorine gas scrubbing
    • HCI gas scrubbing
    • Sulfur dioxide scrubbing
    • Nitric Acid Fume scrubbing
    • Hydrogen Sulphide Scrubbing
    • NOx Scrubbing system
    • Industry specific applications