Package/ Pre Feb Effluent treatment Plant

We construct and install packaged treatment plants to generate high quality treated wastewater, which is safely released into the river or re-used gor gardening purpose or back to the process. Our packaged ETP plants are pre-engineered systems designed for on-site usage or commercial or industrial applications, where treatment of low quantities of effluent required. Available in 5 KLD to 150 KLD capacities, these units are compact in size and occupy very less space and require very low operational cost. As required, our packaged Effluent Treatment  plant units can be designed as skid mounted or containerized. The most important advantage of wastewater treatment container is its movability; a containerized ETP is fabricated at our factory and transported to the site, where it is used. Construction site, disaster areas, civil and military base camps are fewer examples, where our packaged wastewater treatment plants are mostly used uses/applications. If the quantity is More than 150 KL to 2000 Kl it should be in civil structure and all the electro mechanical unit will be installed onsite. After complete erection of plant we will run the plant and get the committed norms.