Cyclone Separators


Air containing dust or material in the form of particulates enters the cyclone separator tangentially. The dust or material experiences centrifugal force due to the formation of vortex. This centrifugal force causes impaction of particulates on the walls of cyclone, separating solids from gaseous streams. Cyclone separators are used to remove coarse particulates from the waste stream or to recover material from process air streams.

Salient Features

  • No Moving Or Rotating Parts so minimal Maintenance
  • High Separation Efficiency with Special Inlet Design
  • Application based designs for better performance
  • Small footprint hence requires lesser floor space
  • Sepration Efficiency possible upto 98% for Powders.
  • Designed system has minimal pressure drops
  • High efficiency for particles greater than 20 micron


  • Air pollution control equipment
  • Material recovery
  • Gas-Solid separations